Who We Are

We are all important to our Development Trust

We treat each other with respect and dignity

We are fair and open-minded, and learn from our mistakes

We support each other to learn new skills within the Trust

We are actively involved in the work of our Trust

We make you feel welcome

We listen to you

We work with you to find a solution

We actively encourage everyone’s involvement

We particularly welcome people who feel they are not being heard

We work hard to earn our community’s trust

We support public services to work in partnership with community

We aim to be environmentally aware.

One Community Development Trust is a locally grown initiative, created by community and voluntary groups and Tilbury and Chadwell residents, for the benefit of local people across southern Thurrock in particular.


The years to 2020 and beyond will bring significant change and opportunity to the area. We want to ensure that we play our part in helping the community benefit from the multi-million pound developments planned.

We are working for a healthy and prosperous Tilbury and southern Thurrock.

Our role in realising that vision will be to inspire and support local people to work actively together to achieve the best for themselves and the community.

Our Vision

Our Objectives

Develop the capacity and

skills of local people

Be a partner in promoting community wellbeing

Find and manage affordable, accessible community assets

Be a sustainable community anchor organisation

Releasing local potential person by person


One Community

"Working together in the community to release local potential"

Our ethos and values

DSC01483 0025 Gateway Community Day Friday 23 May 2014