By Member, Jan 19 2018 07:41PM

I was unemployed, and came in for food voucher at the One Community. They asked if I needed support with getting a job as I had been out of work for over 3 years. They helped me to update my CV, and during the workclub, they helped me with setting up an email address and to apply for a local job with AMAZON online application process. I had to come back to let them know that I got a call from AMAZON to go for an assessment and I now work there full-time. I could not have achieved these results in such a short space of time without support with One Community. G Bing

Work Club in Progress
Work Club in Progress

By Member, Jan 19 2018 07:31PM

I was told to go to One Community by another organisation because I was homeless. I felt like it was the end of the road for me until I was made to feel like I was not just a statistic on paper. One Community made me feel welcome and made a few phonecalls on my behalf and got the ball rolling. M Carter

By Member, Jan 19 2018 07:26PM

I have a very busy life, in full time employment and a mother. I went to One Community as I have been stressed about how to fill out the application form for my son's school. It is a huge relief from what I have been struggling with, filling out the application form. I would like to say a very 'big' thank you to all that work and volunteer at One Community. Abi Camache

By Member, Jan 19 2018 07:24PM

I was passing by and had a problem which I thought One Community may be able to help relating to my benefit status and mental health. Just one more demoralising shock that was allowing my suicidal feelings to surface. Arranging contacts with relevant support services in Thurrock was proving to be very challenging. At the One Community, they assisted me with the phonecalls to the GP, mental health support services, and also arranged a food voucher for me. I received a Sympathetic and relevant assistance at a moment of crisis in my current mental health situation. C Gray

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This is my testimonial explaining my situation and my heartfelt appreciation to Bernice Barning my first point of contact at One Community drop-in centre. A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in a scary place. Universal Credit was refusing to pay me any monies at all because I couldn't provide a tenancy or written letter.

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