One Community asks people who we have worked with whether or not they would like to say a few words about their experience here. It's important we allow the community to speak for themselves, so we've collected these statements and have put them on this page for you to be able to read through.


Community members


“One Community has empowered me to fulfil my dreams. All hope was lost but as soon as I entered I knew my problems regarding employment will be solved. The reception and service were exceptional from Bernice and Yewande. I was distressed and depressed but they called the reception regarding my housing situation. She made some calls and signposted me to how to review my mortgage. My job wise not knowing what to do after uni to meet my financial needs. During covid time, I got an email hinting me to the DWP job. Q member from One Community called me and encouraged me. They’ve started as agency staff and became permanent Jan 2022. I am grateful for One Com. They were some other places I could have gone to scan some documents such as the library or local café but I was put off because of the distance and weather. I knew very well that when I came that One Com I will be able o achieve my purpose of sending my documents. Truly when I got to One Com everything was done and even showed me send documents without having to leave my house and so I felt empowered.

I brought a laptop and didn’t know how to configurate the laptop. I was lost, but then I came to One Community on 29th March 2022 for support with this issue. I met with Gregg Wood in regards to these issues. Gregg was so patient and tolerant with all the questions I were asking him without any attitude or complaints. He made sure that I got the upmost support I needed. He taught me a few things I needed to know in order to operate my computer efficiently, a bit of training so-to-speak, so I can access all the necessary tools to do my job. I owe One Community a big thanks for their numerous support they offer me and the community.

Honestly speaking to One Comm has indeed empowered me to become a case manager within then DWP.”


“I came in because my tax credits have been stopped and I needed help to appeal the decision. Secondly, somebody was using my address fraudulently. I had to write letters to get this stopped and Bernice has been helpful in giving me support and advice.”


“Good afternoon,
Just wanted to say thank-you for the friendly knowledgeable service given to The Lifestyle Solutions clients, they were treated with consideration and fairness. They are going forward each with a basic plan, your service is so much needed, as I believe ‘no hope’ a despairing no future.
Many thanks to all the team at One Community”


“Dear Bernice

I came to One Community about six weeks ago feeling down and miserable. I met this young lady by the name Bernice who has helped me immensely. She has helped me create a CV and got a job for me. The first day I walked into the office she welcomed me nicely and listened to my predicament. She sent an email on my behalf to a company that was hiring. They were impressed with my CV and offered me employment but unfortunately the money they were offering was not adequate enough for my needs. That hasn't stopped her from working with me and she is still working with me to help me find another job.

If it wasn't for Bernice I don't know where I would be. She is a credit to the company and all those around her. She is always smiling and nothing is too much for her. You are lucky to have such a member on your team and a stunning lady...

If you need anything else please let me know and I will come running.”


“Bernice spent time, listened to me and made phone calls to student finance and council. She referred me to CAB to talk over. She was very nice and good.”


“I am quite happy with the help you have given me for applying for my state pension. Joy brought in a state pension letter in without having any idea how to go about applying for it. Bernice helped her to access the right people to proceed with her state pension. This was completed with Joy over the phone. As a result of this help, her application as been completed and a copy will be sent to her to sign and she will receive pension from October 2015 as a result of this.”


“October 5th was the day my story changed. Sent from the job centre to One Community to volunteering, I walked in not knowing whether I will be given the opportunity to volunteer or not after being on anti-depressant for 3 years and not worked for 5 years. I was welcomed and given an application form to complete. After meeting with the Skills, Development and Volunteer Manager, I was offered the opportunity to volunteer as an Administrative Support.

During this period, I was supported to build my self-confidence and believe in myself that I can overcome the challenges I have been through. One community has helped me to overcome and be a stronger person. My passion has always been in the beauty industry.”


"I was living in a shared house I first came to One Community with a problem (I had no food) so they sat me down made me a coffee. They sorted me out with a food voucher. I thought to myself if they can be so lovely and kind I thought I could help so I volunteered. After volunteering for a while I ended up in trouble I came here waning to die, felt I had no one or nothing keeping me going. I went there and the love and support they gave me was overwhelming. Bernice got on the phone to the council, got me to the doctors etc. After the first day I got an appointment at the council and that day I had a place at a homeless hostel in Grays. I lived there for 11 months and now I have a fiat and my daughter has now come home. Life is on the way up for me.

Without the help from Bernice and Yewande, I don’t know where I would be so thank you from the bottom of my heart."


“This is my testimonial explaining my situation and my heartfelt appreciation to Bernice Barning, my first my point of contact for one community drop-in centre. A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in a very scary place. Universal Credit were refusing to pay me any money at all because I could not provide a tenancy or written letter from my landlord. The situation not only left me looking at homelessness but also being destitute. I came into the drop-in centre feeling panic and fear and was immediately approached by Bernice who asked me if I needed to chat with someone. I cannot tell you how much this helped me and gave me a glimpse of hope. I am happy to say that I have found a job and somewhere to stay. Having Bernice and everyone else at the centre to talk with and feeling their strength and belief in me was a gift from god when my life felt bleak and hopeless. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Thank god for people like you.”


“One Community organised shopping and contributed to my well-being during my year of shielding. Their home calls were invaluable to my mental health.”


“I am very happy my complaint was dealt with. Mr Oboh came to complain about dust flying/blowing from Tilbury docks which is causing him discomfort. He said he needed help to contact the Docks or the Environmental Health to report/complain. I contacted Thurrock Council- Environmental Health and spoke with Lee Jones who also confirmed they have received complaints from the general public about the same issue. Issue was Logged and was given a reference number to get back to them if the issue was not addressed to this satisfaction.”


“Through the steps to success I was able to register for jobs. I now have a job and regular income coming into my account. Through their help I have been able to register as self-employed and Bernice helped me to register for my unique tax number, and no register for my unique tax reference number, and to register onto the housing list to bid for social housing. Thank you for not looking down on me but supporting me. I am now confident and able to manage my life and family better. With much gratitude. "


"I was having problem with accommodation. I was introduced to One Community. A lady called B or Bernice, helped me apply to Thurrock Council & now the council are housing me. Thanks for all of the work that B has put in for me."


“I was given more information and help within five minutes, than I have in eight weeks at the job centre. The staff were so helpful.”


“I applied for council tax support back in March 2021, but was refused twice, as they said I was not on a low income as I had stated. So full council tax was due. I needed help + advice, so I contacted ‘One Community’ in Tilbury. I met with Bernice Barning + her colleagues who helped me to appeal. It’s taken a while but after them admitting I was on a low income, my support had been backdated to my original application thanks to ‘One Community’.”




Community members


We offer volunteering roles to members who we see regularly who want to provide peer support. This is a step in order to help teach members important skills, and giving them real life situations where they need to apply the skills they've learned is important.

“I, Catalina needed help to complete Primary School admission for my son for September 2016. I was supported by looking at Ofsted website to look at the reports. I have gained a lot of information and now feel able to go ahead and apply for my schools for my children.”


“I have improved in all areas of my life and especially in my service to customers. All credit to One Community for the impact in my life.”


“Volunteering at One Community has empowered me with knowledge, skills and confidence to deal with my own problems and helping our beneficiaries through challenging situations.”


“After my experience I have increased confidence and gained some experience on how to support people through challenging situations by observing Bernice communicating effectively with a visitor who had English speaking challenges. I feel I will be better able to cope if faced with circumstances similar to English speaking challenges. I also learned and gained more experience in treating g everyone with dignity and respect.”


“My level of communication has increased with the staff from One Community. I came in here for help into electrical work fitted in my house. I was provided with Terry from One Community, who looked at it and gave advice on what to do. He also gave me the contacts of people that will be of help to me”