One Communities Privacy Policy

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We understand and appreciate everyone’s right to Privacy and as such, we are committed and focused on the integrity and protection of your information. It is of our upmost importance to keep all information we collect safe and secure, as we would not be able to provide the service we do without such things.


The purpose of this notice is to illustrate the kinds of things we use your information for, the reasons why we collect the information and the methods we use to ensure the safety of these things. One Community is compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) 2018, UK Data Protection Act 2018 and The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 in all of our information processes’ and storage.

One Community Development Trust is a single registered charity organisation (Charity number: 1130253). We are not affiliated with any outside organisations and have no obligations to give data to any outside body. We will only ever hand over information at the discretion of the person in question, when given permission to speak on their behalf to whomever it may concern.

Our Policy


Why are we writing this notice?

This notice is outlining all the things you require to know when using our services in term of your personal information. From why we take your information and what we use it for, the legalities and rights you can express regarding the collection of your information. We aim to be as trasnparent as possible to cover all bases, so you can feel safe knowing your information is safe hands. We can ensure your data will be;

1. Used within the boundaries of Law, in a fair and clear way.

2. The information will be kept up-to-date and accurate as  uch as possible.

3.The information is relevant for the purposes we have outlined and limited only to these purposes.

4.Kept in a secure location at all times.

5. Information will only be kept as long as its required.


At what stage do we collect information?

Upon using our services, your information may be collected in a variety of ways, such as;

1.Signing in upon entry of One Community.

2.Filling out inquiry forms upon first visit to One Community.

3. Signing up to our 'Friends of One Community' program.

4.Applying to be a One Community volunteer or employee

5.Writing a testimonial

6.Allowing us to take your photograph or video.

7.When giving feedback

8.When you fill out contact forms via website.

9.When donating to us.

10. Signing up to receive information/newsletter/mailing list.

11.Take part in one of our events or projects.

We may gather information indirectly if you interact with one of our partners at the consent and knowledge of yourself. This might be an organisation that you are receiving support from.


We do not go out of our way to collect contact information from means such as social media and other public access information. We only hold information on people who use our services, are members, trustees, constituents and if the information is provided to us via one of our partners.


As of yet, we do not host cookies on our website. The only way information could be taken is if you submit it through our contact form on the website, which is stored in a secure location. Our website is owned completely by us and we have rights to the domain.


We may use Wix analytics to measure user interactions, average time spent on pages, interaction points of origin / geographical location. No personal information such as IP addresses, names/age and other information can be collected through Wix analytics and we use the information we find to tailor our marketing strategies.


When donating online using either PayPal or Square, they may share payment information with us for authentication purposes. We do not have our own contactless form of payment as of yet.


How do we use this data?

We utilise your information to best tailor our projects and provide the best service possible. in detail;

1. Working alongside partners that sponsor our projects to deliver said projects.

2. Recruitment of staff and volunteers.

3. Analytics to gather information regarding a projects impact and to influence our marketing staff to provide adequate support.

4. To deliver successful and meaningful events, we may share information with venues or caterers we may use.

5. To meet any obligations, we may legally have.


Your data retention

We will only ever keep hold of your information for as long as need be. We have obligations to meet in the legal regard, so we will retain information to meet these obligations. Based on what information you give and what the information is in relation too, e.g contact details when signing up to a project, we wil store information for a select period of time. We will not hold information on you after around a year or more from the last point of contact. If there is no longer a use for your information, i.e a project you were signed up to and you arent already a member or client of ours, then your information will be promptly and safely discarded.

If you do apply for a volunteering position and are unsuccessful for whatever reason, we will hold your contact details so that if any other roles or jobs as part of our projects come up we will be able to put you forward. Consent needs to be given before any of this can happen..


Do we share your information?

We will never, ever sell of trade private information to third party companies. However, it may be required of us to share this information with companies who directly worm alongside us or work alongside you. This will help us to best craft our projects and initiativrs to best suit our users. Any third parties we may confer with and pass information to, they are bound to obligations state din a signed written agreement and can only use information as by our instruction.

Examples of third parties include;

1. Catering providers

2. Event managers

3, Sponsors/funders who have invested in projects where consent is given.

4. Companies such as HMRC and the Charity Commission. When information is liased to the aforementioned entities, there is no permission given to them to send marketing information to you, with extra effort being taken to ensure they do not hold data for longer than necessary.


Your individual rights

You have complete and total rights over your information, your individual rights are stated as follows;

1. You have the right to access your information at any given time.

2. You have the right to have your information erased at any given time.

3. You have the right to ask for restriction of processing your information.

4. You have the right to decide whether or not you wish to receive marketing information.

5. You have the right to dictate whether or not your information can be shared between  us and another party.

6. You have the right to correct any invalid information we have on you.

7. You have the right to decline our processing of information even when relying on legitimate interests. 


Why do we collect data?

We collect information in accordance with the purpose it is required for and nothing beyond that. This data will best help us understand our clients and provide the most streamlined and personalied service as possible.


What kind of information do we collect from you?

Here is a list of all the personal information we may collect;

1. Names

2. Contact details (phone number, email address, postal address)

3. Records of inquiries.

4. Photos, testimonials and videos.

5.Any records of your support towards One Community.

6. Data from your visit to the website, with the use of Wix analytics.

7.Things such as right to work in the UK, diversity information, unspent convictions, places of education when applying to become a volunteer or employee.

8. Housing situation.

9. Employment Status.

If you were to call us, for any reason not stated above, we will collect your name, phone number and/or email contact, alongside any other information you will have shared with us as part of this.

When making card payments it will either be handled by square or PayPal giving fund securely. Both of their respective privacy policies can be found below;

Square Privacy Policy:

PayPal giving fund Privacy Policy:


What about sensitive information?

We will never ask for sensitive information as Data protection laws protects certain categories from being collected, such as religious beliefs, sex life an orientation, political stance and health. Criminal information has further law regarding it.

If you feel it necessary to tell us any of these things as part of the service you require, we will provide completed client confidentiality and will store this information accordingly. Personal info is only stored for as long as required.

If this information is given, we may process this information if given direct consent or if we require to do so as part of contractual and/or legal obligations.

If this information means you have special requirements, we will use this when considering events to provide accessibility for all, or for when coming into the shop.


Processing Personal Information, the legal bits

We have outlined our policy for how we store your data, what we use it for and why. Due to the nature of our organisation, we may process your information on the following grounds;

1. If you have a standing active contract with us

2. if consent is given, e.g recording video of testimonial and photos.

3. Recruiting volunteers

4. Contact details

5. For market research to increase understanding of current partners.

6. To organise events

7. Request feedback through forms.


Is your data safe with us?

Data security should be at the height of priority for any organisation that deals with people. This is especially so for us, due to the nature of our work we must collect some information to do our job. But as part of our jobs, we have implemented various techniques and technologies both in physical and digital spaces to best safeguard the data. Our data stores are owned by us, thus preventing anyone editing the data, destroying the data, loss of data and transmission of data of any kind.

One Community's website is owned by us and hosted within the UK. We are locally grown and based in Tilbury, who accept Tilbury locals and surrounding areas alike. We are not global and have no connections outside of Europe. Thus, your data kept in compliance with data protection law in the EU and UK.

In the event of a data breach, we will notify you as soon as possible and exercise any measures legally required by us immediately.


Is this notice final?

This notice is not final, it is subject to change over time if we decide to add any new technologies or processes' to our data.